Go Short Online

Did you know there’s more to be found outside the bubble? And that you won’t even have to leave your couch for this? Go Short 2022 will be a hybrid festival, meaning that you can enjoy our festival program both offline and online. Tune in now to Go Short Online for your full festival experience.

Go Short Online is the best of the fest, and more. All films from our main competitions can be watched online: our European Competition, Dutch Competition and Student Competition. We also screen our special focus programs online, like Out of Office and Focus on Germany. There’s more to explore: we offer special programs that are centered around a specific theme. Are you in need of a good laugh? Then take a look at our collection of comedy shorts. Or are you looking for a quick fix? Then tune in for our ten-minute-shorts.

There’s more: all films are presented with in-depth context to broaden your viewing experience. Were you impressed by a short and would you like to know more about the director or the film itself? It’s all there at Go Short Online: Q&A’s with directors, short biographies and links to interviews or videos that shed more light on the creative process that led to the short film. 

It gets even better: Go Short Online is open 24/7, during a whopping 20 days. Want to start your day with some soothing shorts? Need some explosive action to fight that typical afternoon-apathy? Or are you in for some late night raving from your couch in your pajamas? It’s all there, completely on demand. You can choose what you want to watch and when you want to watch it. Next to this, you can opt for watching a complete program, or just single films. 

Go Short Online can be accessed from 1 to 20 April, meaning that the festival will continue online for another 10 days after the offline festival has ended. During these last 10 days we present a best-of of the festival, such as the audience favorites, the festival highlights and of course all films that won an award during the festival.

Go Short Online. Tune in. Lean back. Enjoy.

A few texts written about the short films that were screened at the festival:

Bachelorette Party

A film like spring, a bittersweet coming-of-age tale that feels very real in a joie-de-vivre way. This is a film about complex relations and about celebrating freedom, told as a nature-saturated love story with secret doors that sometimes even creek when closed, with everyone bathed in that special kind of light from that sun that only seems to shine for adolescents.

The Parent’s Room

Well be baffled, this is one to remember. A film that resembles both puppet theatre and a good ol’ oil painting, whilst pretending to be a family musical about domestic bliss with a twist. This morbid murder ballad will leave you silent for minutes, and that’s a promise.


Artificial intelligence could use some driving lessons, and some reverence for manmade art. In this blazing experimental work we see several vehicles crashing ferociously into works of art, with an almost sisyphusian determination. It’s a film about algorithms and AI and art, battling for power in a digital public space. Please strap yourself tight before take-off.


A deliciously ambiguous retelling of the Christian story of original sin, in the form of an intimately filmed fable - sizzling with temptation, possible trust and high-voltage erotic tension. This one will get under your skin!


A film about shades, about being forced to live in the shades, where darkness embalms all light and hope. It’s a shocking film about a seedy part of modern life, where a male prostitute is blackmailed into a horribly heart-wrenching situation, and a seemingly vicious cycle of power and abuse emerges.